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Audio Analogue was born in the beautiful corner of Tuscany between Pistoia, Lucca and Pisa in 1995. The synergy between high-end audio experts, electronic engineers specialized in the most different fields of electronic design and commercial managers with many years of experience in different fields could only create the basis of what is Audio Analogue today: a company but above all one of the most popular brands in Italy and in the World able to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding audiophiles.
Products always fully MADE IN ITALY, in the heart, soul and substance, using mainly small and very qualified local industries and artisans to make the most of Italian excellence and grow the quality of our and their work. Devices completely hand-crafted, tested with first-class instrumentation, but also and above all with listening tests, always rediscovering the emotion of having created something that can in turn give emotions through listening to the favorite music.


ABsolute Line designed by AIRTECH $24,500

ABsolute… the essence of this integrated amplifier is perfectly revealed in its name. The most ambitious project of Audio Analogue after over 25 years of history and certainly the best way to celebrate such an important anniversary. A unique amplifier that gives the opportunity to enjoy the refinement of pure class A sound or the power of class AB simply touching a button. Audiograde components of the highest level and selected to optimize the performance of the amplifier in both modes of use. Massive shapes, which combine the cleanliness and elegance of the design to an extreme solidity, characterized by the heavy heatsinks machined from solid, which in addition to being unique pieces are a perfect example of the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Powerful, versatile, refined, extremely musical… all this is Absolute, an amplifier that creates a new reference in the world of high-end high-fidelity.

Bellini Anniversary

Anniversary Line designed by AIRTECH $7,750.

The Bellini Anniversary preamplifier, the new born of Audio Analogue, designed in the Airtech laboratories, is part of the Anniversary line, re-proposing another of the historical products of Audio Analogue. The only thing in common between this new model and the previous versions of Bellini remains the name, while the project and the technical solutions used are completely new. Starting from the excellent base constituted by the preamp section of the Maestro Anniversary integrated amplifier, the novelties with respect to the latter are however multiple. The first is the power supply stage that has been completely redesigned using an inductive-capacitive filtering to minimize mains disturbs. The filter inductance has been designed and manufactured specifically for this device. The amplification stage, called SeGeSTA (Single Gain Stage Transconductance Amplifier), has been designed to make the preamplifier even quieter while keeping the structure completely balanced and without global feedback. The circuit has 4 layers and the positioning of the components has been carefully thought out to avoid crossings between the input and output signals and above all between the digital control signals and the sensitive analog signals. The use of audiograde components and internal wiring made with 7N OCC pure copper cables complete the picture. Bellini Anniversary is available in silver and black finish and it is supplied with solid aluminium remote control and Airtech power cord.

Donizetti Anniversary

Anniversary Line designed by AIRTECH $13,850.

The power amplifier Donizetti Anniversary, the new born of Audio Analogue, designed in the Airtech laboratories, is part of the Anniversary line, re-proposing another of the historical products of Audio Analogue. The only thing in common between this new model and previous versions of Donizetti remains the name, while the project and the technical solutions used are completely new. It is a high power stereo power amp: with its 250W@8Ω that doubles halving the impedance is able to perfectly drive any loudspeaker. The amplifier has a complete dual-mono configuration starting from the two 1200VA toroidal transformers specifically designed for low dispersed flow. Uses our SeGeSTA (Single Gain Stage Transconductance Amplifier) configuration followed by a group of four transistors to provide all the necessary current without affecting the gain stage performance. The amplifier does not use global feedback. The 4-layer printed circuit has been designed so that the input signal never crosses the output signal and that the sensitive amplification stages are as far from the power transformers as possible. All components are of the highest level, starting from military standard resistors to continue with the capacitors on Airtech specification up to the wiring made of 7N OCC copper and to the pure copper and gold-plated connectors. Donizetti Anniversary is available in silver and black. Donizetti Anniversary can also be used in mono configuration, achieving even more extreme performance, just think of the output power that reaches over 1000W on 8Ohm impedance.

Maestro Anniversary

Anniversary Line designed by AIRTECH $10,500.

Maestro Anniversary was born in AIRTECH’s laboratories following to the experience gained with the development of Puccini Anniversary. The basic scheme is very similar, but with one important difference: the amplification chain is fully balanced from the input to the power stage which becomes unbalanced to connect to the speakers. This took to a doubling of amplifier stages and attenuation. Also in the Maestro Anniversary all stages are without global feedback. The feedback is not even used on preamp stage(as in Puccini). The output power was increased to 150W on 8Ω with the consequent adjustment of all the driver and power stages that now use four pairs of transistors per channel. The basic configuration remains inverted cascode that is comparable to a single gain stage followed by the output buffer. The stability of the working point is maintained through a DC Servo that begins to work only at frequencies below a few tenths of Hertz (then totally out of the audio band). Thanks to a so refined circuitry, along with the selection of components of the highest level (military standard resistors, polypropylene audiograde capacitors custom made for AIRTECH, internal wiring with 7N OCC copper and pure copper output connectors) helped to create an amplifier that has the honor of being the heir of the glorious Maestro Integrated and therefore fully joins the Anniversary line celebrating at the same time, the first 20 years of Audio Analogue, but also 15 years by the introduction of AUDIO ANALOGUE’s first product to bear the Maestro name. The new Maestro Anniversary is a unique amplifier, its remarkable power that always doubles with decreasing impedance and its extraordinary driving skills, are accompanied by a unique musicality and refinement not common for so “muscular” amps. Unfortunately it is not easy to express in words all its peculiarities and therefore we invite you to listen to it as soon as possible and can only confirm that now more than ever MUSICA MAESTRO!!!

Puccini Anniversary

Anniversary Line designed by AIRTECH $5,850.

20 years of Audio Analogue, 20 years of Puccini, the two things go hand in hand … the Puccini, the first amplifier and the first Audio Analogue product and absolute milestone of high fidelity audio. The dream was to create the best Puccini ever, a product that would mark a turning point in the history of Audio Analogue and show the way for what will be the products of the future, created with the intention of giving top sound performances, but also technically very advanced. This is certainly a tall order and to make it possible we have seen the consolidation of an idea born in the Airtech laboratories: development of an integrated amplifier without global feedback, being this way less sensible to the kind of load driven, without the tendence to oscillate, without high frequency resonance peaks, with no saturation in the input stages and with completely balanced circuitry.


PureAA line $4,950.

The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the Audio Analogue philosophy: its simple design, its remarkable sound performances and its great care for the finish and for the materials and parts selection, make it a perfect partner for your digital sources. AAdac has a wide variety of functions and entering the set-up it is possible to regulate the led intensity, to change the channels balance, to select one of the 7 different digital filters and to set it to volume regulated mode to let it work as a preamplifier.


PureAA line $2,850.

AAdrive is the new CD driver of PureAAline. AAdrive combines uncompromising circuit solutions with functional features that satisfy even the most demanding user. A CD transport, built with high-performance circuits and based on the Teac CD5020A modified with custom parts to further improve sound performance and reliability.


PureAA line $2,500.

The new AAphono preamplifier is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento amplifier, it is a product that perfectly fits in the Audio Analogue philosophy: simple design, highest level sound performances, great care for the finish and for the materials and parts selection, together with a remarkable ease of use, make it a perfect partner for turntables and cartridges of any kind and quality level, giving in this way the opportunity to listen your beloved vinils in the best way. 


PureAA line $4,750.

AAcento is the new integrated amp from Audio Analogue and the first product of the new PureAA line. This line is made to recall the philosophy used for the most successful Audio Analogue products: a mix of simple design and reference sound performances to create products with the best value for money available on the market. Thanks to the cooperation with Airtech laboratories to develop Anniversary line, some key points and ideas in the design have been shared also in this new line and differently by the Anniversary line products, where each model is created to make in the best way only what it is created to do, in PureAA line the target is also to make products with more features in order to get the interest of those users looking for a wider range of functions and connections concentrated in a single product. This is easy to understand looking at below features description, as it is easy to understand that everything was made with extreme care and no compromise solutions almost impossible to find in products of the same category and price range


08 October 2021

Great review and award for our Bellini Anniversary from our friend Matej at Mono & Stereo

Great review and award for our Bellini Anniversary from our friend Matej at Mono & Stereo

17 July 2021

New born at Audio Analogue: the new ABsolute is coming

The new and most ambitious project ever realized by Audio Analogue has finally materialized with a new amplifier unique in the world: ABsolute, 50W in pure class A or 150W in class AB.

17 July 2021

Very good review of AAdrive + AAdac on HiFi+(UK)

29 May 2021

Great AAdac + AAdrive review by New Audiophile (China)

25 May 2021

Great Puccini Anniversary review by New Audiophile (China)

18 May 2021

Excellent review of AAphono on Vumetre nr. 33 (France)

05 March 2021

AAdrive + AAdac review by now available in English on

02 March 2021

Great review of AAdrive + AAdac by @fairaudio 

19 February 2021

Great review of AAdac on Hi-Fi News(UK)

These are ANDREW EVERARD conclusions about AAdac in last Hi-Fi News review: “There’s nothing quirky or ‘tailored’ about its sound… but rather a balance that provides excellent insight into both playing and recording, delivered with real delicacy, finesse and power, for an unconstrained and entirely involving presentation.”

Please check the complete review at the following link:

16 September 2020

New AAdrive CD transport

The new one AAdrive CD transport just came out. Front loading CD transport based on Teac CD5020A, clamp support made of solid aluminium to improve rigidity, digital outputs SPDIF Coaxial 75ohm and AES/EBU balanced 110ohm, 

LCD display, separate power supplies for digital and control sections, remote control RC10000 made in solid aluminium. Available at all our dealers.

17 February 2020

Audio Analogue at Alkmaar Show 2020(NL)

Audio Analogue at Alkmaar Show 2020 together with Monitor Audio Nederland B.V. and Hans Audio room KK4, 2nd floor.

For more details please take a look at Audio Show Alkmaar or

06 February 2020

HEM 2020 IN STOCKHOLM – 8/9 February

Audio Analogue and HiFi Consult at HEM 2020 – S:t Erikssalen at Sheraton, please click here for more details

29 January 2020

Norddeutschen Hifi-Tage 2020

Audio Analogue, Airtech, Pegaso and BCD at Norddeutschen Hifi-Tage 2020 in Hamburg, room 240.

February 1-2, 2020

Holiday Inn Hamburg Elbbrücken

Billwerder Neuer Deich 14

20539 Hamburg

For more details please check the organizer website

21 January 2020

Degustazioni Musicali 2020

Audio Analogue, Airtech, Pegaso e BCD presenti a Degustazioni musicali 2020 presso gli stands Audio Sound e Tuscanini Acoustics. Tutte le informazioni le trovate qui o qui Degustazioni Musicali

17 December 2019

Événement Audio Analogue à Haute Fidélité – Saumur

Pour notre premier atelier de 2020, l’Italie sera à nouveau à l’honneur chez Haute Fidélité Saumur, avec la présentation des produits de la marque Audio Analogue. Nous vous proposerons ainsi de participer à des sessions d’écoute pour découvrir ces électroniques de grande qualité dans notre auditorium. Venez nombreux pour bien débuter cette nouvelle année sous le signe de notre passion commune pour la
hi-fi ! 
Visitez ou pour plus d’informations

13 November 2019

Maestro Anniversary review on

Ottima recensione del Maestro Anniversary su, la trovate al seguente link


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