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Entropic Isolater

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As water flows through a filtration system, the intended result is to eliminate impurities. Enduring many internal and external pressures over its lifecycle, the flow of water collects contaminants. Nature has its own way to counter-act this, as water flows through naturally formed layers of rock, sand and soil. A process known as sequential filtering gives a ‘pure’ result.

Vibration Control

Les Davis Audio has taken from nature this concept and applied it to the Entropic Isolator. Energy is the starting point within all of your household electronics with an infinite set of possibilities. Both good and bad.

This flow with endless utility will never meet its true potential. Heat, light and vibration are common offshoots from an uncontrolled transfer of energy. Les Davis Audio’s patented design works to remove these harmful effects.

We are raising the question “What is Music”…

The Concept

The technology behind our patented design incorporates viscoelastic layer damping, with uses greatly flexible. The applications deriving from aerodynamics and aeronautics.

Our 3D² technology has many applications due to the fact it can be used on anything electrical. Regulating and controling the flow of energy with the intention of cleaning up the final output. Music comes alive.

The 3D² Technology.

Constrained Layer Damping is a well researched scientific innovation with many applications. Involved is the simple process of having a viscoelastic material (simply meaning flexible) pressed between two layers of a more sturdy material, which ultimately regulates the vibration output of the target component.

All electronic components including your speakers and CD players inherently suffer from wasted potential due to the vibrations caused by the electrical and mechanical process by which they operate. In your home audio system, at every connection, from power socket to CD player to speaker, there is a gradual loss of energy and potential, which ultimately leads to a completely avoidable, inferior experience.

Shearing EffectLes Davis Audio uses a reinforced soft aluminium compound (Damping Layer) that is sandwiched between a premium polymeric laminate (Constraining Layer). When introduced with the vibrations of your systems components, the layers oscillate laterally to eliminate their harmful effect on the transferral of energy within the device. SOURCE FOR THE IMAGE

A Necessity not an Accessory!

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What Sets Us Apart

The Les Davis Difference has been in the choice of materials, the replicated multilayering have been carefully chosen over many years of testing. Each product is designed to remove the noise inducing vibration in many parts of an audio system. Vibration control is point specific.

In every case, Les Davis Audio has made a significant sonic difference in the sound output. The noise floor is reduced. Music fills the room, with more visceral impact. The effect is not subtle–you will hear a considerable difference when you use 3D in your audio system.

Baumstahl Furniture by Eric Prada; Custom Handmade Artisan Audio Furniture

Baumstahl – German for Tree/Steel.

Started in a hay barn in the Sangre De Cristo mountains, artisan/builder Erik Prada aspired to creating pieces of furniture that were timeless in their beauty and durability.  Works are made of solid hard woods, steel, and stone.

Audio Furniture can be custom made to any specifications.



Just a few words from Gaetano Conti

“Hi, I’m Gaetano Conti from Solidsteel in Italy. I’m the Company Owner of a brand that is known in more than 30 Countries. We make furniture racks, stands and wallshelves. We are here at the Munich High End show thanks to the partnership with ATR – Audio Trade, which is our German distributor for more than 15 years. We are based in Italy – Pescara, a city in the centre of Italy. We are the oldest Italian brand in the business, one of the oldest in the world.”

“Our products are generaly divided in 2 main ranges: the S Series and the Hyperspike Series. The Hypespike Series is our ‘Top Line’. Both series are based on the same criteria of realisation. We use the spikes to valorize the AV components on wooden or ceramic shelfs, painted or laminated. The main difference between our products lies in the different quality of materials that are adopted.”

“All that we make is realized to valorize your AV components. This means that … Why are you using racks for turntables, amplifiers? The designed racks for these components allow you to valorize everything. Not every kind of surface  helps to improve the experience. What we make is fully designed to increase the enjoyability of music. Our criteria, our method of realization is simply based on the fact that we like to produce what we would like to have in our own listening space. We put a lot of passion for music in our products.”

“Our designs are very simple but elegant. We offer 2 main finishes: black and white. Then you can choose between flat black or white, glossy, painted or laminated. Why? We want to stay regular in time with our products. If someone decides to buy a new system and use our racks, he can be sure that our products will stand the test of time and not be devaluated in the future. Our products are here to last. Thank you for your attention! We wish you many hours of great music.”

For Audio Components:

Since the very beginning we dedicated our products to the making of audio racks, so you will find into our “Products” section several genres of articles that will fit your needs.

For Loudspeakers:

If you are looking for pairs of stands for your bookshelf loudspeakers, just check our NS and SS Series (under S Series) in our Products Page. This would be an excellent solution also for the Home Theater needs.

For Video Entertainment:

If you are intentioned in selecting a design object with impressive technical features for your TV, take a look at our S4 and HW Series; or for a solution to your projector, explore the S3 Series simple modularity.

Wallshelves & Accessories:

Our handcrafted WS-5 is one of the best solution you can find on the market for the intelligent accommodation of your turntable. We also offer separated accessories like DiscPads and Spikes.

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Hyperspike Series



Feedback from around the World

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Sound Anchor

All custom sizes. These pictured are $2,500.00 for gear rack and $2,000.00 for speaker stands/pr.

All Sound Anchors stands are built to order. Please call for specifications and pricing.


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