Audio Furniture & Accessories

Baumstahl Furniture by Eric Prada; Custom Handmade Artisan Audio Furniture

Baumstahl – German for Tree/Steel.

Started in a hay barn in the Sangre De Cristo mountains, artisan/builder Erik Prada aspired to creating pieces of furniture that were timeless in their beauty and durability.  Works are made of solid hard woods, steel, and stone.

Audio Furniture can be custom made to any specifications.

Price varies depending on exact specifications.


Stunning, powerful and customisable

SGR’s hi-fi equipment racks are a seamless blend of innovative engineering, compelling performance and luxurious aesthetics. The remarkable adaptability of our modular design enables the assembly of an optimum equipment rack for your individual requirements.

Three versions of the Statement Rack


Equipment platforms

  • Three styles available; Statement, Symphony & Signature
  • Constrained layer damped sandwich construction for maximum energy absorption and vibration suppression
  • CNC machined Corian™ energy sink inserts provide additional resonance control (available in Model V Statement only)

Adjustable isolator options (Model V only)

  • Custom made viscoelastic silicon based isolators convert vibrations to heat
  • Optimal damping properties with adjustable placement to account for offset equipment centre of gravity

Solid aluminium cross-brace construction (Model V only)

  • Precision machined aluminium cross-brace
  • Expertly anodised for perfectly smooth finish

Customisable uprights

  • Available in various sizes, allowing for different equipment heights
  • Filled with crushed quartz crystal to remove the adverse vibration effects of hollow cylinders (Models III & V)

Multiple layers of isolation

We have devoted countless years to research and development in our insatiable pursuit of sonic accuracy and clarity. Our intricate, complementary layers of isolation ensure your listening experience rises above interference from equipment vibrations and the surrounding environment.

Learn more about isolation

SGR Hi-Fi Rack

Give your cherished audio equipment the phenomenal home it
deserves and be blown away by the purity of sound.

Technology Features

Designed for a specific purpose, each model has a unique package of
inclusions which can be further tailored to your requirements.

Features: Model I Model III Model V Model V Statement
Layers of isolation 1 3 5 6
Rigid construction
Suspended construction
Weight loading per level (kg) 40 40 60 60
Loading with heavy duty cross-brace (kg) N/A N/A 100kg/ level 100kg/ level
Constrained layer damping
Adjustable spikes
Ball-race leveller upgrade available
Silicon isolators
CNC machined cross-brace
Heavy duty cross-brace upgrade available
Cable management hooks
Corian™ isolation pads
Price $795 / level $1,200 / level $3,000 / level $4,200 / level

Colours, Materials & Finishes

Experience our impeccably accurate design, exotic materials and
flawless finish. We engineer exquisite masterpieces.

Sound Anchor

All custom sizes. These pictured are $2,500.00 for gear rack and $2,000.00 for speaker stands/pr.

All Sound Anchors stands are built to order. Please call for specifications and pricing.