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6moons.com reviews Furutech NCF Clear Line

“…once you’ve heard it then heard it taken away, you won’t want to deny yourself if you can at all avoid it..”

“…you won’t be able to remain a tweak cynic when you hear this!”

Srajan Ebaen 6moons.com

Full review HERE

NCF Clear Line_uss


New NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer

NCF Clear Line_uss
NCF Clear Line_EUs

NCF Clear Line

AC Power Supply Optimizer

It takes just a moment to hear the difference that Furutech’s NCF Clear Line can make to your audio or video system.

Why just a moment?

Furutech’s Nano Crystal² Formula, also known as NCF, has resulted in a number of truly innovative and effective products over the past few years. NCF features a special crystalline material that has two distinct properties—it generates negative ions that eliminate static, and it converts thermal energy into far infrared.

When combined with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder, these crystals become the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, NCF is found exclusively in Furutech products and nowhere else.

Now, Furutech has introduced perhaps the simplest way to implement NCF technology into your home—NCF Clear Line.

NCF Clear Line is an audio grade AC optimizer, small enough to hold in your hand, that instantly enhances the quality of your power supply. Simply plug the NCF Clear Line into any vacant receptacle on either a power distributor or wall outlet. For best effect, use the NCF Clear Line on the same AC line/supply as your system, preferably at a receptacle adjacent to your system.

It only takes a moment to hear the improvement in the sound. You won’t have to switch back and forth repeatedly in order to “discover” an improvement. It’s right there.

You’ll immediately notice improvements in the depth and focus of the sound stage, harmonics and tonal balance with NCF. Low frequencies are cleaner, with a greater sense of definition made possible by a lowered noise floor.

Then unplug the NCF Clear Line from the power receptacle. You’ll immediately miss those sonic improvements. You’ll want them back.

In home theater applications, you will also hear these same distinct results. Just as importantly, you’ll see the difference in your video quality. All you need to do is plug the NCF Clear Line into your home entertainment system and the improvements will be instantly noticeable.

Sharper. Clearer. Yet more natural and easy on the eyes.

It only takes a moment to take your listening or viewing experience to the next level with Furutech’s NCF Clear Line. Find out for yourself.

–               Improves resolution, focus and 3-dimensionality of performance

–               Helps eliminate noise

–               Improves resolution, depth and dynamism of images and video

–               Carbon fiber shell with superior damping properties

–               All conductor parts rhodium plated and treated with Furutech’s Alpha Process

Leading Japanese Audio commentators give their opinions:

Masamitsu Fukuda (Japanese Audio Commentator)

Transparency increased, high frequency noise reduced, better punch in the mids

Overall greater contrast and clarity

All pluses, no negatives

Yoshio Obara (Japanese Audio Commentator)

This product is fantastic! Of all the products Furutech has introduced these past years, this might be the most effective.

Performance on CD/SACD playback:

・Incredible improvement in signal/noise ratio bringing more detail in increased nuances

・Sudden increase in sound stage

・Reduction in noise boosts resolution

・Tighter bass

Performance on Analog playback:

・Takes dynamic contrast to another level

・Increased dynamic range

・Deeper and more power low end

・Improved clarity in sound and intonation

Performance on Video playback:

・Greater contrast

・Extension in highlights

・Greater image depth

・Crisper color reproduction

・Greater texter and image detail due to lower noisenews2020-06-10

VGP 2020 Awards Japan – Summer Edition

Ongen Publishing Japan announces VGP2020 Award winners SUMMER edition:

Furutech’s NCF Booster-Brace-Single receives much coveted Gold Award

NCF logo sticker

Product page:NCF Booster-Brace-Single news2020-05-07

High-Res and Multichannel Music Playback featuring Furutech cords and NCF Boosters.

Filmed with Brendon Heinst at TRPTK studio, Utrecht, The Netherlands


NCF Booster-Brace reviewed in Analog Magazine Japan

Japanese Analog magazine vol.67 tests Furutech’s NCF Booster-Brace / Brace-Single in various applications around a turntable and phono stage to find the most effective settings.

read morenews2020-04-22

Japanese magazine Analog reviews NCF Booster series

In volumes 64, 65 and 66 leading Japanese magazine Analog reviews the NCF Booster series, testing the series on many phono / turntable applications and report amazing results on low level phono signal.

Volume 64 Review here:

Volume 65 Review here:

Volume 66 Review here:

GTX-D NCF – The Absolute Sound Product of the Year Award

Furutech’s top tier receptacle GTX-D NCF receives “Product of the Year” Award from The Absolute Sound (USA)

Furutech GTX-D NCF receptacle
Product page: GTX-D NCF


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