Stillpoints are isolation devices that sit under your components and loudspeakers, effectively decoupling them from the environment on which they sit. They are designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations and noise, the results of which allow you to hear more detail, increased dynamics, and more musicality. They heighten transparency, the speed of transients, as well as adding air, space, and dynamics (to name a few attributes) to aid in the most natural presentation. The multiple-tier filter in each product provides isolation and control of destructive vibrational energy, and in doing so it substantially improves the sonic and musical qualities of your audio system.

Our products are designed to be universal, predictable, reliable, and balanced performers. Their longevity is unmatched. They are made of stainless steel and ceramics alone. There are no springs or elastomeric materials that will fade in performance over time. In short, they are virtually indestructible and as such have incredible longevity, performing consistently for a lifetime.

The performance enhancement qualities of Stillpoints are not subtle. Our products will bring you closer to the event and make your system sound dramatically more life-like and natural. All of our products enhance any music system without touching the signal path.


Damping is a decrease in the amplitude of an oscillation as a result of energy being drained from the system to overcome frictional or resistive forces. 

Isolation is the act of isolating or the quality or condition of being isolated.
 It literally means ‘to cause to be alone or apart’

. If you have a device that has direct contact from top to bottom, (12 o’clock to 6 o’clock) like single bearing devices, no matter what the materials used, it is damping – not isolating.

True isolation does not have a direct path between surfaces. Stillpoints’ patented technology stacks bearings such that there is no direct contact between the component and the surface upon which 
it rests.

 Human hearing is generally considered to be 20Hz-20kHz. With electronics, Stillpoints’ technology effectively functions over 20kHz. Typical damping products operate below 20kHz; thus shifting tonality. Despite this tonal shift, Stillpoints can easily be used with damping products to great success.


As with any coveted product, Stillpoints is unfortunately subject to counterfeiting. Although the counterfeit products may look pretty good, the construction is often poor and the technology is always absent.

Stillpoints products should only be purchased direct from us or via our network of approved dealers to ensure you receive the quality of product you expect.

Here’s a list of things you can expect from a counterfeit Stillpoints product;

  • Poor machining techniques
  • Very poor cosmetics
  • Limited processes – not all the processes that Stillpoints uses
  • Very poor to no laser markings
  • Bad threads
  • No brushing or texturing
  • No Loctite used
  • Technology pockets not to spec
  • Bodies not to spec
  • Higher iron content in the stainless steel used which will affect the way the filter sounds


All Stillpoints products are manufactured by vendors in the greater metropolitan area of Minneapolis / St Paul, MN. USA. They are designed, processed, assembled, packaged and shipped from our factory in Hudson, WI. USA.

“Lower the Noise Floor Mechanically” Ultra Mini

The standard Ultra Mini consists of three primary elements: body, base, and filter.

The narrow tapered Mini Body houses the technology filter. The technology filter used in the Ultra Mini is actually one of our circuit board standoffs. The disk-shaped Mini Base threads on to an 8-32 stud extending from the filter. There is a small amount of adjustment available for leveling by rotating the base on the stud. Each Ultra Mini can support 50 pounds. The Ultra Mini is not recommended for floor standing loudspeakers. The possibility of dropping one corner down with all the weight onto one Ultra Mini could damage the filter. Thus, we underrate the capacity to 50 pounds. The Ultra Mini is still version one. With circuit board standoffs there is a need for exact heights; 1/2”, 5/8”, etc. to make the circuit board standoffs in Version II requires a total rework of the design.


Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference.



This exposed


US Description
$150.00 Ultra Mini with Base – Single

$450.00 Ultra Mini with Base – Set of 3

$600.00 Ultra Mini with Base – Set of 4

Mini without Base

version will allow for a direct connection of the
stud to a component, or small
loudspeaker, when the female thread is a compatible

The Ultra Mini can be supplied with a male threaded stud with a choice of five different diameter and pitch sizes. The male stud is not removable, and no adapter can be used.

The Ultra Mini without Base incorporating the 1/4 stud, is the starting point in the ESS rack using the X Grid. The Ultra Mini Base will only fit on the 8-32 thread.
Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference.

US Retail $120.00




Ultra Mini without Base – 6-32 Ultra Mini without Base – 8-32 Ultra Mini without Base – 10-32 Ultra Mini without Base – 1/4-20

Ultra Mini without Base – M4- 0.7
Ultra Mini without Base – M6- 1.0

Ultra Mini Base (1) – 8-32

page2image1183000544 page2image1183414784

Ultra SS V2

The Ultra SS V2 consists of two primary sections. The tapered body containing the filter technology and the adjustable disc called a Hard Hat. The Hard Hat offers leveling adjustability via a threaded stud.

If you wish to “hard mount” the Ultra SS to your components or loudspeakers, there is 1/4-20” threaded bore at the large diameter end of the body. An appropriate adapter can be mounted in this location. You might also choose to mount an Ultra SS Spike. Removing the Hard Hat also provides another location to mount an adapter or spike as desired. Determine the thread size of your component or loudspeaker and order the appropriate size threaded adapter.

Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference.

US Retail $299.00




Standard Ultra SS V2 with Hard Hat

Ultra SS V2 – Single Ultra SS V2 – Set of 3 Ultra SS V2 – Set of 4

Ultra SS Bullet Spike

Optional Ultra SS Bullet Spike attached with Hard Hat removed

page3image2921056848 page3image2921057200 page3image2921057504

Ultra II

The Ultra II follows the legacy of the original Ultra 6, incorporating the use of technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. The Ultra II is the first product to support the Version 2 filter and it is the only product that was built using just the Version 2 filter. There is no Version 1 Ultra II. It is available in these configurations.

Ultra II Standard: An LPI pad (smooth pad) on top and 1/4-20 threaded pad at the bottom. This version is recommended for attachment to the ESS X Grid, Rail Grid, or the Component Stand for supporting components. Available in sets of 3 or 4.

page4image2931589520 page4image2931589808 page4image2931051888

With optional Ultra Base (ordered separately), This configuration is used on shelves or floors.

Ultra II 1⁄4-20: An Ultra II 1⁄4-20 threaded pads at both top and bottom. This could be affixed to a component via the top pad with an appropriately sized adapter for the component being used.

The Ultra II 1⁄4-20 can be used with the Ultra Base (ordered separately). Available in sets of 3 or 4.

Ultra II with optional Ultra Base


Note: The Ultra II is not recommended for use under loudspeakers due to the small 6/32” screws holding the pad to the body.

The preferred supports for loudspeakers are either the Ultra SS V2, the Ultra 5 V2, or the custom threaded Ultra 7 V2.


Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference.

US Retail $430.80

$1292.40 $1723.20




Ultra II Standard – Single Ultra II Standard – Set of 3 Ultra II Standard – Set of 4

Ultra II 1⁄4-20 – Single Ultra II 1⁄4-20 – Set of 3 Ultra II 1⁄4-20 – Set of 4

page4image2931653184 page4image2931653472 page4image2062594560

Ultra 5 V2

The Ultra 5 V2 derives its name from having five pockets of Stillpoints patented technology. When using four Ultra 5’s under one component or loudspeaker, twenty pockets of technology are being used. A 1/4-20 female thread is located on top of the flat half of the Ultra 5. Stillpoints has added a 1/2-20 female thread to the beveled half. This allows for the attachment of the new Ultra 5 Bullet Spike”, or an adapter specifically made for attaching the Ultra Base. The Ultra 5 is best used under loudspeakers with the appropriate adapter attaching them to the spike insert.

Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference

Ultra 5 V2 with Ultra 5 Bullet Spike attached


US Retail $839.00


Ultra 5 V2 – Single

Ultra 5 Bullet Spike

page5image2937176384 page5image2938102768

improved ventilation and isolation.

Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference.

Ultra 6 V2

The Ultra 6 V2 is the first Ultra product to use technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. Order the Ultra 6 V2 with, or without the Ultra Base.

Use in multiple applications:

  •   Attach directly to an ESS rack configured using X Grid or Rail Grid providing a low profile.
  •   Attach directly to the Component Stand SS
  •   Place Ultra 6’s between monitor and bass cabinet sections of multi-cabinet loudspeakers.
  •   Position Ultra 6’s with Base between stereo or mono block amplifiers and the floor for

page5image2920320336 page5image2349943536

US Retail $1079.00 $1127.00

Ultra 6 V2 (Base not included) Ultra 6 V2 with Ultra Base

Ultra Base

The Ultra Base can be connected to the Ultra SS V2, Ultra 5 V2, and directly to any component in a system. One 1/4-20 x 5/8″ set screw is included with each Ultra Base. The 1/4-20 adapter listed below allows connection of the Ultra Base to the beveled lower section of the Ultra 5. The added height will provide more ventilation space under an amplifier if needed. The Ultra Base can also spread the mass of whatever is being supported over a larger area adding stability in some applications. Adding the Ultra Base to any Stillpoint will increase the performance of that Stillpoint upwards of 20%.

Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference.


US Retail $83.00 $249.00 $332.00

Ultra Base – Single Ultra Base – Set of 3 Ultra Base – Set of 4

page6image2062856592 page6image2062856880

US Retail $659.00

Descriptio n


The LPI V2 slips over the spindle of your turntable and rests on the label portion of the LP. This mechanism absorbs the micro vibrations that are present at the label area, which allows the cartridge to reproduce what is pressed on the record, without any additional resonant frequencies being added. Fine details are more recognizable and lifelike. Stillpoints has extended the technology pockets, so the new LPI V2 will fit over both long and short spindles. There is an adapter (with wrench) included for extremely short spindles like on a Rega or Garrard 301.


The LPI can also be placed on top of loudspeakers, components, and transformers of tube equipment.

Please specify Silver or Black. No Price Difference.

Ultra Piano

The Ultra Piano is available to provide isolation between a piano and the resonant characteristic of the floor it rests upon, and the inherent interaction between the two. Jazz pianists like the sound of the Ultra Piano when the stainless-steel plate is used. Classical pianists prefer the sound of the Ultra Piano when directly used on wood floors.

The stainless-steel plate is provided to place underneath the bars containing the technology filters. The plate supports the technology bars and protects the floor.

The Ultra Piano feet are width adjustable to accommodate the varying diameter of casters used on many pianos, up to 2 inches.

US Retail $1199.00

New Ultra Piano – Single

page7image1796508784 page7image1796901792 page7image1293144928

Adapters and Spikes

The Stillpoints Adapter accommodates a direct connection between an Ultra SS V2, Ultra 5 V2, Ultra 6 V2, or Ultra Base to Loudspeakers and components that utilize a variety of thread sizes. The Ultra products mentioned above accept a 1/4″ thread diameter with a 20 pitch. This is displayed as 1/4-20 in the adapter description. The other end of the adapter is machined to the most common thread sizes used in the audio and video industry.

Standard Adapter sizes in stock and listed below:

US Description
$12.60 Adapter 6-32 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.5”) $10.20 Adapter 8-32 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.5”) $10.20 Adapter 10-32 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.5”) $10.20 Adapter 1/4-28 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.5”) $18.00 Adapter 5/16-18 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1.5”)
$10.20 Adapter 3/8 -16 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”)
$10.20 Adapter 1/2-13 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”)
$12.60 Adapter 1/2-20 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 0.781”)
$10.20 Adapter M4-0.7 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.5”) $10.20 Adapter M5-0.8 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.5”) $10.20 Adapter M5-0.8 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”)
$11.58 Adapter M6-1.0 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.57”) $11.58 Adapter M6-1.0 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”)
$15.60 Adapter M8-1.0 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 1.75”) $15.60 Adapter M8-1.25 to 1⁄4-20 Short (Length: 0.5”) $10.20 Adapter M8-1.25 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”)
$18.00 Adapter M10-0.75 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”)
$24.00 Adapter M10-1.25 to 1⁄4-20 Short (length: 0.5”) $10.20 Adapter M10-1.5 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”)
$15.60 Adapter M12-1.25 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”) – Slotted

$15.60 Adapter M12-1.5 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 0.75”) $15.60 Adapter M12-1.75 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: .075”) $15.60 Adapter M14-2.0 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 1”) $24.00

Custom Adapters are available for a different length or diameter than the Standard Adapters. Contact Stillpoints by email at for a quote.

page8image2063340224 page8image2063340576

Adapter M24-1.5 to 1⁄4-20 (Length: 2.22”)

$24.00 Ultra 5 Bullet Spike with 1⁄2-20 Male Thread $24.00 Ultra SS Bullet Spike with 1⁄4-20 Male Thread

Component Stand SS

The Component Stand SS is the Stillpoints answer to those audio systems requiring the remote placement of stereo or mono block amplifiers too large to place in a standard rack. The Component Stand SS can also be used to support individual components at floor level should that be a preferred system setup approach.

As an example, using the Component Stand to support mono block or stereo amplifiers allows placement of these components closer to loudspeakers. Closer to the loudspeaker means shorter speaker cables.

The stainless-steel (SS) Component Stand frame is available in three leg or four leg versions, in both nine- and eleven-inch leg lengths. The Component Stand is to be used in combination with the Ultra product of your choice: Ultra Mini, Ultra II, Ultra SS V2, Ultra 5 V2, or Ultra 6 V2.

The robust stainless-steel frame design allows components of high mass to be supported easily. Many other stands or platforms designed for this use are made of large square or rectangular plinths. These stands, with large surface areas, are subject to becoming resonant diaphragms themselves, absorbing and reflecting airborne and mechanical vibration.

By comparison, the Component Stand SS is a strut like structure with little surface area to be affected by resonance. The open design of the Component Stand SS also allows airflow to circulate and cool the component.

Tuning of the stand to your component is one of the strengths of the Component Stand SS. The legs can be rotated around a central hub to accommodate components of multiple sizes. Within the frame, you can move the Ultra filtering devices along the rail system in each leg.

Adjusting the location of the filter along each rail allows you to determine the best position to both support the component and maximize the filtering of vibration borne resonance for best fidelity. This system allows components to perform at a maximum of their potential.

After the success of the original component stand, Stillpoints has done over ten years of research and development before releasing the “NEW” Component Stand SS.

The Component Stand SS is a great design that illustrates how one uses any Stillpoints isolator. Bypassing the components original feet, making contact with the bottom of the chassis to come in direct contact with the micro vibrations that are generated by the electrical current running through the devices on the circuit board and following the circuit board standoff down to the chassis’ bottom


Four Leg Component Stand SS with optional Ultra 6 V2

US Retail $1999.00 $2499.00 $2299.00 $2799.00

$2299.00 $2899.00 $2599.00 $3199.00

$2746.00 $3495.00 $3046.00 $3795.00

$3076.00 $3935.00 $3376.00 $4235.00

$4696.00 $6095.00 $4996.00 $6395.00

Description Component Component Component Component

Component Component Component Component

Component Component Component Component

Component Component Component Component

Component Component Component Component

Stand SS – 3 Legs, 9” Stand SS – 4 Legs, 9” Stand SS – 3 Legs, 11” Stand SS – 4 Legs, 11”

Stand SS – 3 Legs, 9” with Ultra Mini Stand SS – 4 Legs, 9” with Ultra Mini Stand SS – 3 Legs, 11” with Ultra Mini Stand SS – 4 Legs, 11” with Ultra Mini

Stand SS – 3 Legs, 9” with Ultra SS Stand SS – 4 Legs, 9” with Ultra SS Stand SS – 3 Legs, 11” with Ultra SS Stand SS – 4 Legs, 11” with Ultra SS

Stand SS – 3 Legs, 9” with Ultra II Stand SS – 4 Legs, 9” with Ultra II Stand SS – 3 Legs, 11” with Ultra II Stand SS – 4 Legs, 11” with Ultra II

Stand SS – 3 Legs, 9” with Ultra 6 Stand SS – 4 Legs, 9” with Ultra 6 Stand SS – 3 Legs, 11” with Ultra 6 Stand SS – 4 Legs, 11” with Ultra 6

Three Leg Component Stand SS with optional Ultra SS

Retail Price Sheet January 2022

Component Stand SS – Continued

page10image2920636464 page10image2920449216 page10image2920449408

ESS – Equipment Support System

Configure the Stillpoints ESS Rack to optimize space needed, and the performance of each component. Each rack requires, two masts, two cross bars, and shelves configured with support bars, using your choice of acrylic, X Grids, or Rail Grids to complete each platform.


Masts are tube assemblies that connect the cabling to the arms and legs. The height measurement is taken from the floor, to the top of the arm, and rounded to the nearest inch.

page11image1184432896 page11image2062941856 page11image1183644688

Cross Bars

US Retail $4068.00 $4128.00 $4212.00 $4368.00 $4548.00

15” Mast Assemblies 18” Mast Assemblies 28” Mast Assemblies 34” Mast Assemblies 42” Mast Assemblies

Two Cross
left masts to
specified with each set of cross bars, is the maximum space that a component will fit.

US Retail $354.00 $396.00 $474.00

(2) Cross Bar Assemblies For 20” Wide Racks (2) Cross Bar Assemblies For 26” Wide Racks (2) Cross Bar Assemblies For 40” Wide Racks

Support Bars

Bars are required to connect the right and form a frame. The width

page11image1183795920 page11image1183796208

Support Bars are attached to the cables extending vertically between the arm and leg of the masts. Each cable is rated up to 2200 pounds before failure. Two support bars form the foundation for one shelf. The bars with technology pockets are designed to work with acrylic shelves, or X Grids, formerly called The Grids. The blank support bars facilitate the use of Rail Grids. The addition of Acrylic shelves, X Grids, or Rail Grids will accommodate the Ultra of your choice to complete the shelf assembly.

US Retail $1386.00 $1506.00 $1938.00

Support Bars with Technology


(2) Support Bar Assemblies for 20” Wide Racks

(2) Support Bar Assemblies for 26” Wide Racks

(2) Support Bar Assemblies for 40” Wide Racks

Blank Support Bars

(2) Blank Support Bar Assemblies for 20” Wide Racks

(2) Blank Support Bar Assemblies for 26” Wide Racks (2) Blank Support Bar Assemblies for 40” Wide Racks

page11image1263681808 page11image1263888176

US Retail $1110.0 0 $1464.0 0 $1746.00

Until now, the ESS rack has been configured with each shelf level utilizing either an Acrylic Shelf, an X Grid, or a combination of both. The Rail Grid is the next generation of ESS performance upgrade.

The Rail Grids mount perpendicular to the front and rear support bars. On the underside, near the end of each Rail are machined slots, profiled to rest over the existing square dimension of the front and rear support bars. Once installed on the support bars, the Rails can slide laterally left and right to create a support frame ideal in width for the specific component to be used. Once the Rail Grid is in position to supra the component, turn the thumb screws to tighten the Rail Grid into place. This renders a tight shelf assembly.

Channels in the top of each rail hold T-nuts that can be moved forward or back as needed to adjust for depth of a component. Attach an Ultra of your choice, from Ultra Mini to Ultra 6, to the T-nuts and adjust the location of each, forward and back, to support your component. With the adjustments complete, a Rail Lock is supplied which will affix the rail firmly in place for ultimate stability.

Sonically, every aspect of the performance of the ESS is enhanced. Harmonic body and weight gives flesh to the musicians. The image is refined beyond anything we have done before.

The Rail Grid adds greater rigidity than the standard X Grid, supports heavier components more effectively, and allows greater flexibility for Ultra filter placement specific to each component while taking full advantage of the suspended isolation that is the hallmark of the ESS Equipment Rack.

The Rail Grid will fit any Stillpoints 3/4” support bar. If the technology pockets are in the way of the placement, then rotate the bar 180 degrees and you will have total freedom of placement.

US Retail $1978.00


(2) Rail Grids – Includes: (4) T-Nuts, (4) 5/8″ set screws, (2) Rail Bars, and (4) Rail Bar Locks.
(1) Rail Grid – Includes: (2) T-Nuts, (2) 5/8″ set screws, (1) Rail Bar, and (2) Rail Bar Locks.

page12image2076422480 page12image2076422832 page12image2076423120

X Grid

The X Grid, originally named THE GRID, and the X Grid with Hard Hats, can be used on any ESS Rack that includes support bars with technology pockets. If choosing to replace an Acrylic Shelf, the X Grid will easily fit in that location. When replacing both acrylic shelves on the 40″wide support bars, two sets of the X Grid – SHORT must be ordered. The X Grids come standard with a set screw kit, for simple installation.

US Retail $468.00


X Grid – LONG – Includes: (4) Struts, (1) Set Screw Kit for 26″ Wide ESS Racks.
X Grid – SHORT – Includes: (4) Struts, (1) Set Screw Kit for 20″ And 40″ Wide ESS Racks.

page13image1183825792 page13image1183550064 page13image1183550352

US Retail $348.00


Acrylic Shelf – SHORT (1) Acrylic Shelf, & (1) Set Screw Kit Use with 20″ and 40″ Wide ESS Racks.
Acrylic Shelf – LONG (1) Acrylic Shelf, & (1) Set Screw Kit Use with 26″ Wide ESS Racks

Acrylic Shelf

The Acrylic Shelf accommodates components that need additional area for accessories, or a power supply in a limited space. The shelves come standard with a Set Screw Kit allowing for an efficient installation. When choosing to replace both of either the X Grids, or Rail Grids, on a 40″ Wide ESS rack, two short acrylic shelves will transform the platform to all acrylic.




Paul Wakeen takes you through his recommendations when starting your Stillpoints journey.

The first component we’d recommend to receive the addition of Stillpoints are your loudspeakers. The Ultra SS V2, Ultra 5 V2 and the Ultra 7 (which has the V2 technology from its inception) are designed for this purpose.

Next, isolate the AC line conditioner as it filters the AC to all of your components. Then look at the component that has the largest power supply. An amplifier or a preamplifier that has a separated power supply.

Read: The Audio Beat, October 3, 2012 by Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat’s System Setup and Optimization Seminar.

Now work through your entire system until every component is isolated.

It is at this point that the sound will transcend some of the incremental improvements to a much more life-like, natural presentation. The artefacts of mechanical reproduction disappear and the presentation of the recorded event come to life.


The Ultra II, which has the V2 technology from its inception and Ultra 6 V2 are the best Stillpoints for electronics. The Ultra Mini is our Circuit Board Isolator assembled with a Body and a height adjustable Base. The Ultra Mini will provide the same dynamics, air, transparency, immediacy and presence as all our other Stillpoints in the most compact and cost-effective package.


Once you have isolated everything in your system on your normal rack, it’s then time to consider elevating your listening experience to newer heights by setting up your components on an ESS rack.

With the Stillpoints you already have you can now experience the dynamic and profound change of going from an ordinary rack to a rack that excels in everything Stillpoints excel in.

We have replaced Newport Technologies air bearing research tables (we still have one at our factory if anyone is interested) with our ESS racks to many customer’s delight and amazement.


I have been told by many of our Stillpoints customers that our Aperture II’s are the best product we make.

Nowhere else will you find a better acoustic treatment. Aperture II’s will increase focus, depth, presence, air, micro detail and dynamics. Stillpoints Aperture II’s are in a league of their own, being the only product that combines an absorber, a diffuser and a resonator, all in one panel – and a small attractive panel at that.

Customers tell me if they were forced to make a choice between buying Stillpoints or Apertures they would buy Apertures. The funny thing is, they had already purchased Stillpoints when they added the Apertures. Having Stillpoints in the system allows Apertures to bring out the most exciting aspects of the listening experience. The converse is also true. Stillpoints Ultras, the ESS Racks and Apertures have a symbiotic relationship.

“Last night I went back in time, to February 1978, and “watched” Leonard Bernstein conduct the Vienna Philharmonic in Beethovens’s Symphony 3, from a superb reissue on vinyl of his final cycle of the symphonies, recorded live in Vienna (9 LP’s Deutsche Grammophon 479 8721). My room dropped away. I was in Vienna’s Musikverein. Stillpoints’ Aperture II panels made suspending disbelief in time travel and teleportation far easier, and that late – evening excursion affirmed why I got involved in the crazy hobby in the first place.”STEREOPHILE’S ANALOG CORNER, THE SOUND OF NOTHING BY MICHAEL FREMER, JUNE 2019


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