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At Gestalt HiFi, our Mission Is To Bring Your Music To Life!
As avid music enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve been bringing superior sound into our customers homes for years.
When it comes to superior audio, that experience and know how are invaluable in building audio systems. Putting together a music system that’s exactly right for you is a science and an art – It requires technical expertise as well as a true appreciation and feel for the emotional appeal of music.
Distinctive personalities
From a dynamic rock concert to lilting symphonic passages, today’s home audio systems are capable of producing the complete range of musical performance. With the resurgence of vinyl record playing, to HD digital libraries and streaming content that offer convenience, versatility and reproduce music far beyond what we thought possible only a few years ago.
Our loudspeaker lines offer a wide range of performance metrics each with its own noteworthy characteristics. Floor standing full-range models to dynamic stand mount monitors that produce stunning performance. New subwoofer designs that extend bass response without sacrificing rhythm and pace. Offering both musical distinction that fit nicely in with home decor.
The right speakers for you
The importance of the loudspeaker/room dynamic interface cannot be over stated! With our legacy of audio expertise we are well suited to guide you through the process of speaker selection. From the audition to the final placement in your home. We’ll help you define the possibilities that are appropriate to your musical preferences and listening space.
To the perfect match
Defining a perfectly matched amplification and electronics system to power the loudspeaker, a most critical element in building the system. Impedance matching and power are only part of the equation as we carefully guide you through defining these elements and design choices.
Defining elements of distinction
Listening to a high-end audio system is a profoundly personal and moving experience; it allows you to truly feel all the power and nuance of the music. So how is this achieved? The careful selection of compatible electronics and integrated amplifiers that are more capable than ever. While separate components can create a demonstrable leap in audio refinement – their specialized functions mean a higher level of performance.
The finer points of high fidelity
Tying every thing together is last but far from least important, from speaker cables, to interconnects and power cables these bring it all together. Specially designed audio platforms, furniture and stabilizing components let your system truly shine. We will assist you designing a complete listening solution that will bring years of enjoyment reaching beyond what you imagined possible .

Our belief and commitment to the expression of the art form. One of life’s greatest gifts to enjoy, music brings out our emotions, allows us to reflect in the moment, revisit feelings of the times and places in our lives. At Gestalt HiFi we understand this intimate relationship and the individual expression each of us enjoys in an enriching listening experience.

This is our passion! We bring elements together in the form of loudspeakers, amplification, digital components, turntables and cabling designed specifically to match one another sonically. With the reemergence of the listening room and the concept of an evening enjoying our favorite albums is again a focal point of a enriched home experience. Where bringing family and friends together to share music is providing an experience to savor.

We specialize in creating listening experiences! We work closely with you, provide in home evaluations, from beginning through purchase and implementation to assure each client’s satisfaction. We are truly a value add resource with years of experience in the industry. Putting together a music system that’s exactly right for you is both a science and an art – it requires technical expertise as well as a true appreciation and feel for the emotional appeal of music. We love music and its our intention to spread this reborn concept of quality time listening everywhere we go!



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